Allview Viper i V1

Download the official USB drivers for your Allview Viper i V1. If you were searching for the official drivers of Allview Viper i V1, you have come to the right place. We will guide you how can you download and install the USB drivers for your device. CDC and VCOM drivers are for Flashing the firmware and ADB drivers will help in simple connection of your device with your computer.

Download Allview Viper i V1 Drivers

Allview Viper i V1 ADB driver For Normal Connecting

Allview P5 Quad VCOM driver For Flashing Firmware

Allview P5 Quad ADB driver For Normal C

Install Allview Viper i V1 Drivers Manually

Step 1: Download the Drivers for Link provided above and extract them on your PC.

Step 2: Open Device manager and click on Legacy Hardware Menu.

Step 3: After opening Legacy hardware menu click Next.

Step 4: Then click Install the Drivers that I Manually select.

Step 5: Locate the drivers you extracted on PC and click Add.

Step 6: That’s all it will take to install the driver.

Step 7: You can see the installed driver on the installed Drivers list.


  • If you are trying to Flash a Stock Rom on your Allview Viper i V1 download only CDC and VCOM drivers as ADB drivers will not help in it.
  • You can Download the Stock Firmware of Allview Viper i V1 from here.
  • If you face Driver Signature error while trying to install USB drivers for Allview Viper i V1 please watch this video to bypass it.

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